Garden Waste Service – £10 per bin

All garden waste is recycled

What happens to garden waste

Once collected the garden waste is taken to a local farm site and subjected to a composting process. The waste is arranged into long piles, turned regularly and converted into compost. The compost is used as a soil conditioner for land reclamation and landfill restoration. Using the material on the site where it is processed reduces the need to import topsoil, thereby reducing cost, vehicle movements and emissions. Diverting the garden cuttings from landfill avoids generating methane, a powerful greenhouse gas.

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These are the items that can go in the brown bin

Grass cuttings
Hedge and shrub clippings
Leaves, twigs and bark
Plants, flowers and weeds
Windfall fruit
Small branches

Items that can’t go in

Animal waste (however pet bedding from herbivores is accepted)
Food waste (cooked or uncooked)
Vegetable peelings
Large branches
Plant pots and grow bags

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